The association has been in continuous operation since 1955 and has carried out numerous activities over the years, including many events and celebrations and a wide range of social and leisure activities. Many of these activities have become a must not only for the association’s own members, but also for all of Palafrugell’s residents and very often for those living in the surrounding areas too. The activities that are traditionally organised are:

  • Cantada d’ havaneres: These traditional sea-shanty recitals are a classic summer event and a very important attraction for the whole tourism and service sector.
  • Swimming: Travessa de la Badia. This race across the bay attracts large numbers of participants of all ages and abilities.
  • Children’s parties: A series of children’s activities are held each year, such as the cycling festival.
  • Santa Rosa Festival of Llafranc: Mass and choir singing in the church, traditional sardana dances and the town’s annual festival.
  • El Mercat Boig (The crazy market): A fair selling hand-crafted and traditional products.
  • The association also collaborates in the organisation of Llafranc’s annual Christmas events, the Three Kings’ parade and the collection of children’s letters to the Three Kings.
Programa de Festes


Dissabte, 1

23.00h - XXXI Cantada d'havaneres. Grups: Port Bo i Peix Fregit

Dissate, 8

10.00h - XXXI Festa del Pedal
Inscripció 2 Euros. 1 hora abams a la sortida. Sortida: C/Farena. Se sortejaran dues bicicletes amb el tiquet d'inscripció.
12.00h - Entrega de premis. A la platja de Llafranc.

Dissabte 22,

11.00h - 92ena Travessia a la badia. Inscripció gratuita, una hora abans de la sortida, a la zona de les barques de l'Associació.

Patrona de Llafranc

Dijous, 27

22.00h - Concert de Santa Rosa. A l'Església de Santa Rosa amb la Coral Nit de Juny

Diumenge, 30

11.00h - Ofice Solemne
A l'Església de Llafranc i a continuació: SARDANES. Amb la Cobla la Flama de Farners.


Dissabte, 5

Tot el dia XXXV Mercat Boix. XLI Fira D'Art.